39:5017 July 2023

Podcast – Tokenisation and CBDCs: Where Now, Where Next?

Lee McNabb, Oliver Butcher, and David Silver (NatWest) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill for a candid discussion regarding the application of digital assets in a treasury context.

  • Lee McNabb
    Head of Payments Strategy and Research, NatWest

  • Oliver Butcher
    Head of Liquidity Portfolio Investment Management, NatWest

  • David Silver
    Digital Asset Programme Manager, NatWest

26:1511 July 2023

Podcast – India: an Epicentre of Treasury Innovation

Sanjay Singh and Shreeram Sethuraman (BNP Paribas) lift the lid on the intricacies of treasury operations within India

  • Sanjay Singh
    Head of Territory & CEO, BNP Paribas India

  • Shreeram Sethuraman
    Head of Transaction Banking, BNP Paribas India

34:1210 July 2023

Podcast – Battling the Great Macroeconomic Uncertainty: Tactics for Treasurers

Natasha Condon and Martijn Stoker (J.P. Morgan Payments) consider how treasurers can best adapt to a prolonged period of uncertainty and its subsequent challenges.

  • Natasha Condon
    Global Head of Trade Sales & EMEA Trade Head, J.P. Morgan Payments

  • Martijn Stoker
    EMEA Head of Liquidity & Account Solutions, J.P. Morgan Payments

09:5029 June 2023

Assessing the Future: Results of the PwC Global Treasury Survey

Didier Vandenhaute and Eric Cohen (PwC) assess the 6 key themes identified in the recent PwC Global Treasury Survey.

  • Didier Vandenhaute
    PwC Partner, Corporate Treasury Solutions Group, Belgium, PwC

  • Eric Cohen
    Principal, PwC US Treasury & Working Capital Leader, PwC

11:3721 June 2023

Podcast – What Can Treasurers Expect from the 2023 New York Cash Exchange?

Robin Page (TMI) invites two guests from TMANY to provide a sneak preview of the topics central to this year’s New York Cash Exchange Event.

  • David Miller
    Treasurer & Senior Vice President, Hunt Companies

  • Tim Hesler
    Assistant Treasurer, Global Banking, Cash Management and Treasury Operations, New York University

27:5723 May 2023

Around the (Treasury) World in 30 Minutes… Regional Insights in Belgium & Italy

Michiel Radder and Sergio Ammassari (BNP Paribas) reveal the latest developments in the Belgian and Italian treasury markets.

  • Michiel Radder
    Head of Cash Management, BNP Paribas Fortis, Belgium

  • Sergio Ammassari
    Head of Cash Management, BNP Paribas Italy

19:1618 May 2023

The Cybercrime and Fraud Threat Landscape – How Do We Keep Up?

In this podcast, our guests get to the bottom of how the fraud landscape has developed in recent times, and identify actionable steps that treasury teams can take to prevent and detect threats.

  • Paul Gillen
    Chief Information Security Officer, and Global Head of Security Fusion and Transformation, Barclays Europe

  • Senan Moloney
    Global Head of Cybercrime, and Barclays Cyber Fraud Fusion Centre, Barclays Corporate Banking

  • Jo Cox
    Director of Insider Threat, Transformation, Operations and Governance, Barclays Corporate Banking