September 2022 7 Min Read

Outlook: Treasurers Face Myriad Changes

2022 has rocked the short-term investment world with soaring inflation, interest rate hikes, and pending MMF regulatory reforms.


September 2022 5 Min Read

ECB, Fed and BoE Hawks Ponder Higher Rate Hikes

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September 2022 10 Min Read

The Need for Speed

How Treasurers are Making the Most of Instant Payments  Instant payments is a topic that receives plenty of coverage, often under the assumption that everyone wants and needs it. Is this really the case for treasurers, and if so how and where does it fit? TMI...


March 2022 19 Min Read

Treasury First – 20 Years of the EACT

As the EACT celebrates its 20th anniversary, let us reflect upon its journey to the visionary and respected organisation it is today.


August 2021 7 Min Read

Accelerating the ESG Agenda

Bank of America’s recently formed EMEA ESG Strategic Council has a number of important goals in its sights. TMI talks to the council’s leaders about how it will deliver and what it means for stakeholders. With a stated intention of becoming net zero by 2030, the...


July 2021 4 Min Read

Why European Companies Need a Central Bank Digital Currency

Crypto currencies are too volatile to be used as a serious payment tool. Central bank digital currencies are the solution with so much more to offer. How do they stack up against the likes of Bitcoin in the real world? Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is ‘the...


February 2021 5 Min Read

Top Treasury Technology Innovations to Watch in 2021

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention, but it can also be the catalyst for adopting innovations – in a rapid time frame. Nowhere was this more clearly displayed than the world of treasury technology in 2020. As has been well documented, the...


January 2021 2 Min Read

BIS: Cyber-attacks on Financial Sector Never Been Greater

The connected nature of business today means it has never been more important for treasurers to recognise and respond to the risks impacting their partner ecosystem. In particular, given the agenda for digitalisation, understanding the ever-changing threat of...


October 2020 3 Min Read

Negative Interest Rates and the Implications for Money Market Funds

The conditions now facing the global economy are unprecedented. For many countries, interest rates have been close to record lows since the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. While some central banks had already taken the plunge into negative territory, the...


May 2020 8 Min Read

The Dangers of Negative Interest Rates

Are negative interest rates really good for treasurers, and for the world economy in general? There are admittedly some benefits, but there are many more drawbacks. Perhaps a return to zero rates would bring the greatest overall benefit.  A few years ago, the...


October 2019 7 Min Read

Hitting the Sweet Spot: Macro Uncertainty and the Ultra-Short Solution

In the current uncertain macro environment, it is tempting for treasurers to hunker down in their short-term investment comfort zone, namely money market funds (MMFs). Nevertheless, if they are prepared to step out into an ultra-short-duration strategy, investors can...


August 2019 13 Min Read

Money Market Fund Makeover Innovation in Short-Term Investments

The doom-mongering around money market fund regulation has now stopped. Instead, talk has moved on to low interest rates, credit quality, digital investment channels, and the rise of environmental, social and governance investment criteria. Treasurers are also...