February 2024 17:53

Navigating the Economic Environment and Managing Risk

Michiel Mannaerts (PwC) provides expert advice around how treasury teams can proactively manage multiple varieties of risk and improve their hedging strategies in 2024.


January 2024 32 Min Read

How to Write a Robust Treasury Policy and Limit Unwanted Outcomes

Treasury policy is the executive mandate to the treasurer, as custodian of financial risk. This in-depth yet accessible guide explains how to get it right.


January 2024 3 Min Read

Testing the Future: FX Scenario Modelling for All

Effective control of foreign transaction fee budgets means FX scenario modelling. Danny Ross, Managing Director, Argentex, a global payment and currency risk management specialist, tells TMI why. Every business setting cost pricing or managing its budget with...


November 2023 4 Min Read

Adapting to Volatility: Dealing with Increased Commodity Risk

In a trading environment beset by all manner of challenges, managing commodities risk requires treasury responsiveness and flexibility. Luke Roberts, Head of Commodity Sales, Lloyds Bank Corporate & Institutional Banking, looks at risk mitigation best...


November 2023 7 Min Read

A Systematic Approach to Improving FX Options Hedging Performance

This article examines the challenges hedgers face when using options, including costs, and outlines the optimisation opportunities that can be harnessed by moving away from conventional buy-and-hold FX strategies.


September 2023

Automating FX Risk and Optimising Hedging: A Fresh Look

Experts from Dräger and Nomentia provide an overview of a project undertaken by Dräger to automate the calculations of its FX exposures.


July 2023 34:12

Podcast – Battling the Great Macroeconomic Uncertainty: Tactics for Treasurers

Natasha Condon and Martijn Stoker (J.P. Morgan Payments) consider how treasurers can best adapt to a prolonged period of uncertainty and its subsequent challenges.


April 2023 06:59

Audio TMI – Hedging Strategies for a Perfect Storm

Turbulent times call for strong financial risk mitigation. Amol Dhargalkar (Chatham Financial) tells TMI that hedging s...


February 2023 26:03

Podcast – Effective Hedging and FX Automation: Key Steps in Uncertain Times

Paco De Haro and Gibran Maqsood (Barclays) examine the hot topic of FX – covering hedging, payments, and everything in between.


January 2023 33:38

Podcast – Journeys to Treasury Deep-Dive: Cash Flow Hedge Accounting at JT Group

Listen to this audible case study, which provides a lens over the details of a recent cash flow hedge accounting project undertaking by the JT Group treasury team.


January 2023 4 Min Read

Three Key FX Trends Facing Corporate Treasurers in 2023

FX concerns will dominate the thoughts of many treasurers in 2023. Eric Huttman, CEO, MillTechFX, explores three key trends that will be shaping the response. After a period of relative calm in 2021, volatility dominated the FX market throughout 2022. Driven by...


December 2022 8 Min Read

The Currency of Respect

The acquisition by BNP Paribas of currency management automation software provider Kantox is a progressive move for both parties.