October 2022 4 Min Read

Hedging Strategies for a Perfect Storm

Turbulent times call for strong financial risk mitigation. Amol Dhargalkar, Managing Partner and Chairman, Chatham Financial, tells TMI that hedging strategies should now become the centre of attention. Against a backdrop of rising inflation and interest rates,...


September 2022 12 Min Read

Ready to Trust: Are Crypto Assets Right for Treasury?

For those who believe crypto assets are too volatile and cannot be used by treasury, it’s worth knowing that they are not all the same.


September 2022 20:48

Making Hedging with Uncollateralised OTC Derivatives Cheaper

We don’t have a silver bullet, but we certainly have a concept worth talking about” says Eurex’s Clive D’Souza, speaking about why getting ahead of changes in the marketplace for hedging of financial risks is essential for treasurers to avoid the costs of...


August 2022 5 Min Read

Keeping all the Plates Spinning

15 Critical Regulatory Changes for European Treasurers Much like the sound of thunder follows a fork of lightning, financial regulation tends to follow a crisis. With European treasurers still adjusting to the post-Covid reality coupled with war in Ukraine, the...


July 2022 9 Min Read

What Goes Up… May Stay Up

Blake Evans, Alexander Mutter, and Steve Scott (Taulia) consider the effects of – and the responses to – inflationary pressure on supply chains and working capital flows.


May 2022 9 Min Read

Special FX: Taming Foreign Currency Risks Through Automation and Innovation

There is never a dull day in the treasury profession, especially when volatility is rife in the currency and commodity markets. The flipside of this dynamic environment is the very real threat of financial losses – arising from poor hedging decisions, or outdated...


March 2022 44:02

The 3 T’s of The Future: Tech, Treasury, and Transformation

Over the past two years, an increasingly dynamic environment has not only accelerated technology development – from quantum computing to blockchain technology, and even the metaverse – but also technology adoption, bridging colleagues and breaking down silos in a...


January 2022 10 Min Read

Brighter Skies Ahead: Treasury Best Practice in a Post-Covid Environment

Treasury best practices have been both forged and accelerated during the pandemic. A recent TMI webinar explored the key themes of the latest Journeys to Treasury report, reflecting on the changing nature of treasury, the digitisation of the function, and how the ecosystem...


August 2021 4 Min Read

Overpaying for FX Execution? Time for a Change

Foreign exchange (FX) executions are overpriced and inefficient. Discuss. Eric Huttman, CEO, MillTechFX, does just that. The way the FX ecosystem currently operates is not fit for purpose for many corporates, in our opinion. Traditionally, all but the largest...


July 2021 7 Min Read

Smashing Banking Boundaries and Building Tech Bridges in Europe

From answering a Barclays recruitment advert in a music magazine some 30 years ago, Helen Kelly’s successful career with the bank has now seen her appointed as Managing Director, Head of Europe for Barclays Corporate Banking. Here she reflects on her professional...


May 2021 4 Min Read

Steel Determination: ArcelorMittal’s Front-to-Back Trading and Risk Challenges Resolved

With its multi-vendor hedging and financial risk management system architecture coming to the end of its useful life, leading global steel and mining company ArcelorMittal’s treasury looked to Calypso and implementation partner Synechron for a long-term solution....


March 2021 16 Min Read

Pandemic Powerhouses

TMI Corporate Recognition Award Winners 2020 In one of the toughest years for treasury in the past decade, treasury teams stepped up their innovation projects and rolled out digital best practices at speed. Here, we celebrate their successes. What a year 2020 was. As...