November 2022 9 Min Read

A Quantum Leap Forward in Data-Driven ESG Scoring

A successful pilot managed by Surecomp has shown that ESG scoring can now be applied at the individual trade finance transaction level, opening up a world of possibilities for corporate treasurers to support sustainable global trade. The 2022 edition of the United...


August 2021 4 Min Read

Optimise Trade Credit Lines By Streamlining Bank Workflows

Despite the rise of digitisation up the corporate agenda, many businesses are still clinging to antiquated paper processes. This post examines how digitising trade documents will ‘consign pain points and inefficiences to the history books’. The pandemic...


July 2021 4 Min Read

The 1920s Roared After a Pandemic – Will the 2020s Do the Same?

The Roaring Twenties were driven by technological progress, developments in economic infrastructure, and defined by a flowering of post-pandemic parties and an explosion of economic activity. Sound familiar? Christoph Gugelmann, Co-Founder and CEO, Tradeteq, explores...


June 2020 6 Min Read

A Turning Tide for Trade

Ebru Pakcan has recently been appointed Global Head of Trade, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi. In this candid interview, she speaks about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on trade, and airs her views on the digitisation of trade – from the milestones already...


June 2020 2 Min Read

How to Protect Your Treasury in Uncertain Times

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has created a host of unprecedented challenges for almost every aspect of the treasury function. Nevertheless, working in conjunction with their bank(s), treasurers can armour their teams against many of the challenges. Cash forecasting is...