June 2024 7 Min Read

Embracing Diversification with MMFs

We consider the headline trends in the MMF space and explain why it is imperative for treasurers to maintain a diversified portfolio.


May 2024 10 Min Read

A New Framework for ESG

A recent innovative framework developed by Societe Generale can help to increase transparency and credibility in ESG standardisation.


May 2024 04:32

From Strength to Strength: Tradeweb to Acquire ICD

Tory Hazard, CEO of ICD, discusses Tradeweb’s acquisition of the MMF portal provider and the implications for treasurers.

March 2024


What do treasury organisations need to know about MMFs, and what criteria should they be aware of when selecting MMFs that best align with their investment goals? This whitepaper will address these questions and provide case study examples of why and how companies have used MMFs and supporting investment technology.


February 2024 11 Min Read

Risky Business

Outlook on Corporate Credit Quality Following a year of economic growth concerns, sticky core inflation, increasing interest rates, and a rash of bank failures, treasurers have been acting as corporate risk firefighters, mitigating the impact of tumultuous events...


February 2024 00:00

Impact Investing: The Real Risks and Rewards

Tom Alford (TMI) invites Catherine Berman (CNote) to explore the realm of impact investing.


December 2023 11 Min Read

‘Where the Rubber Hits the Road’: Analysing the ESG State of Play

The ACT held its second annual ESG Conference on 21 November to address the the drive towards green practices and net zero.


November 2023 15 Min Read

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Three industry experts highlight key considerations for treasurers looking to optimise the use of excess cash, maximise yield, and manage risk.


November 2023 5 Min Read

Investing for Change: A Treasury Tale with a Happy Outcome

Impact investing can be a compelling financial tool with which to make a positive difference in communities. But it can also be an effective part of the corporate treasurer’s portfolio. Evantz Perodin, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, T. Rowe Price, explains...


October 2023

Risky Business: Outlook on Corporate Credit Quality

This webinar replay offers insight into how corporate treasurers are positioning around credit risk and the factors that could have a material impact on credit quality over the coming months.


October 2023 08:25

Using AI to Aggregate Investment Data: Introducing ICD’s Portfolio Analytics

Zachary Brown (ICD) discuss the launch of ICD’s Portfolio Analytics tool, a reporting solution that aggregates counterparty risk summaries using investment data.


October 2023

Liquidity Management in Uncertain Times

Discover fresh ways to effectively manage liquidity amidst oncoming macro headwinds.