September 2022 6 Min Read

Key Takeaways: A Treasurer’s Checklist

This checklist distils short-term investment insights into critical action points and key learnings for every treasury team.


September 2022 8 Min Read

Regulatory Change and Unintended Consequences

Industry stakeholders are urged to warn against potentially devastating unintended consequences of MMF regulatory reforms.


May 2022 9 Min Read

Be Prepared! 

European treasurers urged to join consultation as MMF reform proposals threaten LVNAV viability


April 2022 11 Min Read

An Inconvenient Truth: SEC MMF Proposals Disappoint as Treasurers Not Compensated for the Risks They Take

Following March 2020’s pandemic-induced liquidity shock, the Securities and Exchange Commission has been examining how to regulate the money market fund (MMF) sector in the US further. Proposals under consideration include replacing liquidity fees and redemption...


February 2022 11 Min Read

How Treasurers Can Navigate Cash Markets in 2022

With central banks simultaneously trying to support economic reopenings post-Covid and manage a surge in inflation, the knock-on effect has been felt in both the short-term investment space and corporate cash management. Daniel Farrell of Northern Trust Asset...


October 2021 9 Min Read

MMF Reforms Risk Missing the Point

Money market funds are once again in the cross hairs of regulators in the US and Europe following a brief liquidity crunch in March 2020. Sebastian Ramos, Executive Vice President, Global Trading and Products, ICD, discusses the risks that over-zealous reforms could...


September 2021 9 Min Read

Spotify’s Greatest Hits

Cash Investment Management With a subscription revenue model helping to enhance its cash flow forecasting, Spotify is able to manage a diversified investment portfolio through its treasury team and external asset management. Niklas Muhrbeck, Head of Financial...


August 2021 12 Min Read

How Cash Segmentation Can Enhance Short-Term Investment Prospects for Treasurers

Yield has been an issue for the short-term cash investments of treasurers, as poor rates and tightening regulation have dramatically lowered the performance ceiling of traditional investment instruments. A recent TMI and Northern Trust Asset Management webinar...


July 2021 6 Min Read

Time for Treasurers to Demand More Money Market Transparency

The money markets play a key part in the short-term investment programmes of treasurers. Reforms have helped them ride out the worst of recent events. But money markets could be better still, says one leading participant – and treasurers can help shape their...


January 2021 3 Min Read

The Starting Gun Has Fired on Money Fund Regulation 2.0

Global regulatory bodies have confirmed that a review of money market fund (MMF) regulation is underway – and there could be changes. Regulatory change could be material to the sector. However, at Fitch Ratings we don’t expect changes to be imminent: the last set...