March 2021 14 Min Read

Preparing for the Next Crisis: 10 Steps for Treasurers

No-one can predict where the next crisis will come from, or what form it will take. It could be another wave of Covid-19, or a different challenge altogether. Regardless of the source of any future turmoil, treasury teams can build on lessons learned from 2020 to be...


February 2021 5 Min Read

Leveraging Agile Treasury Technology to Deliver on Galls’ International Ambition

Rapid growth is a nice challenge to have. Nevertheless, Kendall Weissmueller, Corporate Controller, Galls, knew that the company’s finance team needed to upgrade its treasury technology to better support the organisation’s billion-dollar growth plans. Bottomline...


October 2020 5 Min Read

Digital RFPs: No More Pain, Many More Opportunities

It seems that change is in the air for many corporates. Indeed, a recent Treasury Dragons event demonstrated that there is a healthy appetite amongst corporates to move to another core system or banking provider. With one poll showing 65% of the audience of over 100...


October 2020 33 Min Read

TMS vs TMS: Let Battle Commence

In many ways, Covid-19 has been the ultimate test for treasury teams and their technology. With the spotlight firmly on treasury management systems (TMSs), treasurers are asking whether they have the best tech for the job – in a remote-working environment where...


January 2020 3 Min Read

Taking Care of Business with an On-Demand TMS

Embarking on a treasury transformation project to improve payments and reconciliation while providing greater cash visibility, Avalon Health Care Group chose TreasuryXpress as its new TMS partner for this journey. The implementation has yielded huge efficiency benefits...


November 2019 11 Min Read

Capturing Digital Transformation to Deliver Smarter Treasury in Ireland

Global digital transformation has kickstarted the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. For corporate treasurers, this represents a complete shift in approach to treasury processes, technology and, most importantly, talent. Alan DuffyCEO, HSBC...


October 2019 7 Min Read

Turning your TMS into a Ferrari

Consulting and implementation guidance are vital parts of any treasury management system roll-out. After all, any system is only ever as good as its users and the workflows surrounding it. But how can treasurers get the most bang for their buck when it comes to TMS...


October 2019 6 Min Read

Lease-Accounting-as-a-Service: Automating IFRS 16 Compliance

Consistently meeting the ongoing compliance requirements of the new lease accounting standard, IFRS 16, is no mean feat. The extra resources that finance leaders had at their disposal to meet the 1 January 2019 deadline have now faded away and senior stakeholders are...


September 2019 9 Min Read

Advantage Evolution

Deloitte Treasury Technology Market Intelligence Report 2019 Automation, sophisticated analytics and rich data visualisations are putting powerful new tools in the hands of treasury teams. The treasury function is moving from routine reporting to embracing predictive...


September 2019 6 Min Read

Implementing a TMS for the 21st Century at Avalon Health Care

With an eye on improving internal processes around payments and reconciliations, as well as providing greater cash visibility, Avalon Health Care Group (Avalon) chose TreasuryXpress – a high-value, easy-to-use and easy-to-implement TMS – as their partner for...


April 2019 4 Min Read

A Silver Lining for RFPs

After scooping the “Best Portal Technology Solution” accolade in TMI’s 2018 Awards for Innovation and Excellence, John Laurens, Group Head of Global Transaction Services at DBS, explains how the bank’s cutting-edge cash management simulation platform, DBS...


April 2019 4 Min Read

TMS Transition Put to the Test

By Arnault Gitzinger, Head of Group Cash Management, Eurofins Scientific Complex cash management processes meant Eurofins Scientific had a specific set of demands for its new treasury management system. This case study outlines the biotechnology company’s transition...