April 2018 5 Min Read

A Milestone in SWIFT Corporate Connectivity

ING has had a long and proactive commitment to supporting clients that choose to use SWIFT for bank connectivity. In 2017, the bank reached an important milestone, with almost one in four of all SWIFT corporate clients worldwide now connected to ING.  In this...


April 2018 8 Min Read

Payments Innovation: Debunking the Myths

In this Executive Interview, Bruno Mellado, Head of International Payments and Collections, BNP Paribas Cash Management, shares his views on some of the most exciting developments in the payments space today, whilst explaining how new technologies can work in harmony...


March 2018 22 Min Read

Agenda 2018: What’s Keeping Treasurers Awake at Night?

It’s that time of year when a crystal ball would be incredibly useful. As we navigate through the first quarter of 2018, Eleanor Hill, Editor, asks five leading treasurers what is top of their ‘to do’ lists for the year ahead – and discovers what pitfalls they...


January 2018 5 Min Read

European Payments in 2018 – A Landscape Charged with Possibilities

With SWIFT gpi, instant payments, and PSD2 all now part of the equation in the European payments market, Cédric Derras, Global Head of Cash Management at UniCredit, explains how these initiatives add up for corporates, who stand to benefit from faster, more efficient,...


November 2017 5 Min Read

Lessons from Sibos 2017: Growth is Back on the Agenda

With another jam-packed Sibos week now over in Toronto, the authors reflect on the themes and developments that emerged. Following a year characterised by compliance and regulatory concerns in 2016, this year’s event saw growth and optimism restored to the agenda....


November 2017 12 Min Read

Pondering Payments

Ten years ago, the collapse of Lehman Bros and the rampaging financial crisis that followed started at Sibos. Despite the whirlwind that followed, the eye of the storm, in a room full of the world’s bankers, was eerily silent. The lights at the Lehman booth were,...


October 2017 12 Min Read

Flying the Fintech Kite

Technology innovation has always been intrinsic to the changing role of treasury, and been instrumental in creating opportunities for enhanced efficiency, control and capacity building. In some cases, such as electronic banking, technology has been delivered by banks...


October 2017 7 Min Read

Building the New Financial Ecosystem – Collaboration and client-driven solutions powering the digital revolution

The transaction banking landscape is transforming in front of our eyes. With the field awash with new technological capabilities, Jan Kupfer and Luca Corsini, Global Co-Heads, Global Transaction Banking at UniCredit, discuss the latest trends, their likely impacts, and...


October 2017 9 Min Read

Optimising Cash and Liquidity Management with Virtual Accounts

As corporates have become increasingly international, their liquidity and risk management challenges have become more complex. As a result, the role of a corporate treasurer is becoming increasingly strategic, with treasurers now having a far wider range of...


August 2017 3 Min Read

Collaboration: a Key Component of the Global Payments Transformation

New technological developments are unfolding at a rapid pace. In order to truly benefit clients, this transformation will best come about through collaboration between providers.  ‘Fintech’ has become a buzzword in payments, and while the word is mostly...