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Cash & Liquidity Management
Global Liquidity Barometer 2022

Drawing on data collected from the treasury community, this survey report offers a means to understand the present future of short-term investing.

TMI's Guide to Short-term Investment for Treasurers
Cash & Liquidity Management
TMI’s Guide to Short-term Investing for Treasurers

Discover TMI’s Treasurer’s Guide to the latest short-term investment trends and insights

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Cash & Liquidity Management
HSBC Receivables - A Changing World

Within a highly competitive market, HSBC has invested in finding faster and easier solutions to streamline collection methods.

Cash & Liquidity Management
HSBC Liquidity Management - LMP Dashboard User Journey

HSBC has designed a Liquidity Management Dashboard, which provides treasurers with an intuitive, graphical view of Liquidity KPI’s.

Country Focus
Great Expectations: From Industry 4.0 to Treasury 4.0 - Shanghai, April 2019

The HSBC Global Liquidity and Cash Management Regional Forum held in Shanghai in April 2019 explored how Industry 4.0 is transforming treasury management solutions and strategies, heralding the start of Treasury 4.0. 

Country Focus
Regional Insights: Treasury Transformation in the Middle East and North Africa

MENA is experiencing a rapid influx in the deployment of digital technology used to accelerate payment methods. This has revolutionised the efficiency of cash management systems – and the role of treasurers in the decision making process.

Industry experts Emre Karter and David Aldred, Citi, provide an overview of recent developments in the region, with insightful analysis of the corporate viewpoint offered by Arun Singh, Aramex and Nishat Neelay Deshmukh, Maersk. 

Country Focus
Regional Insights: Africa's Digital Treasury Transformation

Treasurers with operations in Africa have the opportunity to future proof by pursuing best practice centralisation and connectivity, and by leveraging the latest digital innovation for payments & collections.

Industry experts Geoffrey Gursel and Foluso Ayo-Olaiya, Citi, provide an overview of recent developments in the region, with insightful analysis of the corporate viewpoint offered by Melissa Howe, Booking.com and Alouis Ngoshi, Cummins.

Open Banking for Your Business: A Treasurer's Guide

One of today’s most important new developments is the shift towards open banking. What does open banking mean, and what could it mean for your treasury?

Cash & Liquidity Management
Preparing for real-time liquidity

Vanessa Manning, Head of Liquidity and Investment Solutions at Deutsche Bank’s Global Transaction Banking business, talks to Eleanor Hill, Editor, about the need for collaboration around the future of liquidity and collateral management following the launch of a new paper featuring BAT, BAFT, EBA and SWIFT.

Click here to download the new Deutsche Bank whitepaper ‘Preparing for real-time liquidity’ >

Treasury Strategy & Transformation
The Future is Now: How Ready is Treasury?

How are treasurers readying themselves for change on the back of new technologies, business models and the emergence of new regulatory initiatives? Watch this video interview with Michael Spiegel, Head of Cash Management at Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking and be one of the first to find out the results of newly published research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

You can also read an exclusive TMI interview with Michael Spiegel here.

Cash & Liquidity Management
The Future of Liquidity and Cash Management

At HSBC we’re listening to our clients. And we’re making sure your needs shape our vision of the future. From triggering payments while a shipping container is en-route to new micro-payments in a consumer’s smart car. As steps in the process are removed, payments disappear into the background.