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How Sany is Managing Rapid International Growth

 How Sany is Managing Rapid International Growth

by Yaling Zhang, CFO, Sany International Development Limited

Chinese multinational Sany International Development Limited (Sany) is the world’s sixth largest heavy machinery manufacturing company, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province. Sany was the first corporation in its industry to enter the FT Global 500 and Forbes 2000 rankings. The company has manufacturing locations across China as well as in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia and the United States, with around 38,000 employees worldwide. In this article Yaling Zhang, CFO, describes some of the initiatives that Sany’s treasury function has implemented in recent years to manage the company’s rapid international growth and support future success. 

Key Points

  • Sany has a highly centralised approach to finance and treasury and its domestic and international cash pools are separated in accordance with China’s capital controls
  • Recent years have seen a significant increase in the proportion of the company’s revenue derived from overseas sales and a widening of its geographic footprint
  • Sany’s treasury is working with banks and other large Chinese corporations to lock in exchange rates and share best practices
  • The company has integrated SWIFT into its internal finance and treasury system and connected each of its banks that support SWIFT, which provides daily and intra-day visibility over 200 of its international accounts, and has set up its own IT department to help improve efficiency and control

Optimising domestic and international liquidity