Graham Buck

Columnist, Treasury Management International


IATA: Innovation to Ensure Survival

Javier Orejas (IATA) provides the inside track on innovation in the aviation industry – including payment trends relevant to all treasurers.

Making Treasury Sexy

TMI learns about the next generation’s industry expectations and considers whether companies are doing enough to meet them.

Going Dutch

TMI learns more from two of the DACT’s team – and explores some of their recent projects.

Ports in a Storm

TMI asks whether today’s data-driven world has added to the challenge of counteryparty risk management or offers the ultimate solution to mitigating it.

Treasury Outlook: A Case of Déjà Vu as 2023 Unfolds?

Treasurers will yet again need to be on the front foot in 2023, looking to add value at every turn.

Voices of Experience: Mentoring in Treasury

Treasury mentoring schemes offer diverse benefits – both for the mentor and the mentee, as well as the wider organisation. Here, TMI explores the mentoring opportunities on offer within and without the corporate four...


ACTA Tech Day 2022: Tech Through a Lens in Linz

The Austrian Corporate Treasury Association’s (ACTA) recent 2022 Tech Day in Linz covered a comprehensive set of topics ranging from eBAM to AI. In this blog, we present highlights from the day and key takeaways for corporate treasurers. Is the virtual conference already passé? As the Covid-19...