Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Published  10 MIN READ

Voices of Experience: Mentoring in Treasury

Treasury mentoring schemes offer diverse benefits – both for the mentor and the mentee, as well as the wider organisation. Here, TMI explores the mentoring opportunities on offer within and without the corporate four walls. We also outline what it takes to be a top-class treasury mentor – and a successful mentee.

An old adage claims that when starting a new job there is nothing to surpass ‘being thrown in at the deep end.’ Yet when gaining experience, nobody wants to feel out of their depth in the workplace.

That’s a salient point at a time when the duties and responsibilities of the corporate treasurer are steadily broadening, with ESG issues now firmly established on the agenda. Fortunately, the value of mentoring schemes to help career progression is increasingly being recognised. Treasury mentoring is further helped by the UK’s Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), which launched its Mentor Me scheme in 2015. The Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers (IACT) has followed suit, introducing its first programme in October 2018.

Erich Stark
Head of Corporate Treasury Solutions, PwC Austria