PwC 2023 Global Treasury Survey
Podcast Series

Treasury Technology
Points of Interest: The Future of Data Analytics in Treasury
Aniket Kulkarni (PwC) shares his insights on digital enablement and the trends emerging from this space.
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Cash & Liquidity Management
How the PwC Global Treasury Survey Reveals One Certainty
Dider Vandenhaute (PwC) discusses the second theme from PwC’s 2023 Global Treasury Survey – cash efficiency becoming paramount.
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Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Predicting the Future of the Treasury Function
PwC’s Bruno Lopes explores major shifts in corporate treasury roles over the last 24 months and considers what this could mean for the future.
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Treasury Strategy & Transformation
Assessing the Future: Results of the PwC Global Treasury Survey
Didier Vandenhaute and Eric Cohen (PwC) assess the 6 key themes identified in the recent PwC Global Treasury Survey.
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Voices of Experience: Mentoring in Treasury
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Treasury Strategy & Transformation
A Life-Changing Digital Treasury Transformation
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