We’re committed to helping our corporate and institutional customers navigate uncertain times and achieve their goals. By choosing to partner with NatWest you will be working with a bank that is committed to providing specialist expertise for your treasury needs including currencies, rates, transaction banking and financing. By building a deeper understanding of your challenges and working collaboratively, we ensure our resources and people deliver the best possible outcome for you, your business and ultimately your customers.

Tapping Today’s Hottest Payments Innovations to Reap Business and Treasury Benefits

NatWest specialists explain why it’s vital for treasurers to have a strategy that is completely aligned with their customers’ payment desires.

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Podcast – FX and International Payments: Solving the Conundrum

Three specialists from NatWest discuss the importance of unity between FX and payments in today’s international operating environment.

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As Easy as ESG

Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Treasury As sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion matters continue to grow in importance for a range of corporate stakeholders, treasurers are in a prime position to support the transition to ESG-friendly practices. Here, three experts from NatWest…

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Trade Winds: Six Ways Treasurers Can Harness Supply Chain Disruptors 

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been huge disruption to established supply chains. Treasurers must now consider everything from increased commodity risk to new FX requirements and growing ESG…

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Special FX: Taming Foreign Currency Risks Through Automation and Innovation

Two experts from NatWest share the inside track on how treasurers can better manage FX risks by shaking up legacy processes and old-fashioned thinking.

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Taming the Triple Threat

Macro Risk Management in 2022 The first quarter of 2022 has already presented numerous challenges on both geopolitical and macroeconomic fronts – from the ongoing pandemic to inflation risk, trade disruptions, and huge political tensions. TMI invites three experts from NatWest to explain why risk…

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Treasury in 2030

5 Practical Steps for Preparing Ahead No-one knows precisely what the future holds, but a successful digital treasury team must be able to adjust quickly to the evolving ecosystem – and be able to scale at speed. In this article, four industry experts outline their visions of a digital treasury…

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Taking Digital Treasury to the Next Level: A No-Nonsense Guide

Introduction Conor MaherHead of Transaction Banking Products, NatWest Moving beyond the Covid catalyst For many corporate treasurers, 2020 was a crash course in digital transformation. As companies adjusted to global lockdown and remote working as a result of…

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Open Your Eyes to the Benefits of Open Banking

An untapped opportunity is a rare prize in the corporate treasury community, but open banking offers this potential. By leveraging the digital infrastructure that open banking creates, corporates can harness real-time data, benefit from new ways to pay and…

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