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As Easy as ESG

Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Treasury

As sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion matters continue to grow in importance for a range of corporate stakeholders, treasurers are in a prime position to support the transition to ESG-friendly practices. Here, three experts from NatWest explain how treasury teams can achieve this, with the help of an expanding toolkit of financial solutions that help align ones treasury and sustainability goals.

There is no doubt that ESG has become a hot topic in corporate treasury circles in recent years, partly due to a cultural mind shift. Treasurers have moved from considering ESG as not part of their core responsibilities to the current realisation that it lies at the heart of their credit and equity story in conversations with investors, banks and other stakeholders, including regulators. The wider impact of ESG on consumer behaviours and sentiment, as well as reputational risk, is also increasingly on treasurers’ minds.

According to Dr Arthur Krebbers, Head of Corporate Climate & ESG Capital Markets, NatWest, “This recent shift has led to numerous change programmes and new ESG initiatives within treasury functions. While these used to be relatively focused on a specific product, such as a green bond issuance, today more advanced treasury teams prefer to focus on how sustainability can apply across their treasury function.”

Dr Arthur Krebbers
Head of Corporate Climate & ESG Capital Markets, NatWest