May 2022 8 Min Read

Community Impact: Cash and Fixed Income Investing for Good

CNote is a tech-enabled impact investment platform – and a means for finance to be used as a “tool for economic justice”. Its focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion helps corporate and institutional investors use their capital to strengthen underserved...


May 2022 9 Min Read

Act Now!

European Treasurers Urged to Join Consultation as MMF Reform Proposals Threaten LVNAV Viability While treasurers might not feel the impact of MMF reforms in Europe for years, the chance to participate in consultation over the proposals with the European Commission...


April 2022 11 Min Read

An Inconvenient Truth: SEC MMF Proposals Disappoint as Treasurers Not Compensated for the Risks They Take

Peter Yi, NTAM, met with TMI for a wide-ranging Q&A, exploring the impacts new MMF regulatory proposals may have on both issuers and treasurers, what other options the SEC should consider, and where innovation in the cash investment space is heading.


March 2022 5 Min Read

Finely Tuned Investment Strategies

Spotify’s diversified - and now award-winning - approach to investment helps shield its cash from market volatility.


March 2022 4 Min Read

Liquidity Sea Change

By connecting all money market fund participants digitally for the first time, Calastone is reshaping how treasurers see liquidity.


March 2022 4 Min Read

How ICD’s Technology is Making a Genuine Difference

Knowing what its clients want has given ICD a clear advantage as it scoops two TMI Awards this season:


March 2022 12 Min Read

Feeling the Squeeze

Corporate treasurers are starting to feel the heat in their cash management policies as heightened inflation levels persist.


February 2022 11 Min Read

How Treasurers Can Navigate Cash Markets in 2022

Daniel Farrell (Northern Trust Asset Management) and James Douglas (Rabobank) consider how market trends may evolve in the year ahead and what this could signal for treasurers.


January 2022 6 Min Read

How to Make Your TMS the Ultimate Investment Tool

Automation is making inroads into corporate treasuries – but according to Calastone’s Chief Revenue Officer, Ed Lopez, much more work needs to be done to modernise treasury management, reduce costs and human error, and meet new compliance and ESG standards. Treasury...


January 2022 7 Min Read

What’s Happening with Fixed Income?

Fixed income is an investment approach focused on preservation of capital and income. Have recent events started to reshape thinking in this space for investors and providers? TMI consults an expert. In the fixed income space right now, there’s good demand for...


January 2022 11 Min Read

The Truth About ESG Investing

Jonathan Curry, Global Chief Investment Officer, Liquidity and Chief Investment Officer Americas, HSBC Asset Management (HSBC AM), offers a no-holds-barred view of the sector’s approach to ESG investing as it is today, and how it is changing to meet new investor needs....


December 2021 12 Min Read

Finding Value for Corporate Cash: Short-term Investments Under the Microscope

Low interest rates, the pandemic, and potential regulation have put pressure on the investment instruments that treasurers rely on for cash management.