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Embedded Finance

Convenient, Efficient, and Streamlined

Whether or not they realise it yet, embedded finance is starting to revolutionise the way that corporates interact with their customers and banking partners. Treasurers have an opportunity to enhance the sale of their organisations’ goods or services while simultaneously adding value to customers through bespoke financial services.

As its name suggests, embedded finance is the process of incorporating financial products, from lending and payments to accounts, cards, insurance, and investments, into a company’s existing (and new) commercial offerings.

It is a value chain from the end customer – be that a business or a consumer – to a platform through which the product is embedded via a software capability, all of which is backed up by a regulated entity.

Katie Ayaz, Customer Goal Lead, NatWest, comments: “Embedded finance is about being where customers or businesses are, rather than expecting them to come to us. That’s the fundamental shift in consumer behaviour. They no longer want or expect to have to come to a bank to obtain financial services. They want those financial services to be part of the experiences or platforms that they are on. It’s all about the convenience.”