May 2023 4 Min Read

Growing Focus on Transition Finance in China as ESG Momentum Builds

Several recent initiatives to spur growth in green financing in China suggest progress is being made.


October 2022 7 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: Why are Scope 3 emissions so important but challenging to tackle?

With the ongoing urgency of the climate crisis and increasing focus on greenwashing, it’s critical that businesses understand the full breadth of their emissions and how they can effectively eliminate and reduce them. Scope 3 emissions (also commonly referred to...


October 2022 4 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: Is carbon offsetting a form of greenwashing?

Is carbon offsetting an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or is it simply a form of greenwashing? Divisive though it may be, carbon offsetting is an essential part of the sustainability toolkit – and here’s why. Voluntary carbon credits have come...


October 2022 7 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: using science-based targets to reduce emissions – where to start?

In the seventh article in this series we take a closer look at how a company’s carbon footprint is defined, how it can be reduced in line with climate science, and how the reduction of emissions can be integrated into sustainability-linked financing...


October 2022 3 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: ‘Buyer beware’ – key risks associated with voluntary carbon credits and how to avoid them

In the sixth article in this series, we take a closer look at key risks that companies should consider when using voluntary carbon credits to offset carbon emissions. As the market for high-quality voluntary carbon credits continues to grow, companies may find...


September 2022 31:44

Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Treasury

Caroline Haas, Dr. Arthur Krebbers, and Gustavo Brianza (NatWest) consider practical ways for treasurers to engage with and support ESG.


September 2022 11 Min Read

As Easy as ESG

Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Treasury As sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion matters continue to grow in importance for a range of corporate stakeholders, treasurers are in a prime position to support the transition to ESG-friendly...


September 2022 7 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: Top 3 Factors you Should Consider when Buying Voluntary Carbon Credits

As companies look to introduce net-zero targets, the use of carbon credits to offset emissions has seen a strong resurgence. But fast-moving markets can be tricky to navigate and getting started can feel overwhelming. In this article, we take a closer look at the key...


September 2022 5 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: Carbon neutral vs. net zero – why the difference matters when setting climate targets

The terms ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘net zero’ are often used interchangeably in the language of sustainability and climate but their differences are not necessarily well understood. In this article, we explore the difference between the two and why it matters for...


August 2022 7 Min Read

PepsiCo’s $1.25bn Green Bond Adds Extra Fizz to the ESG Market

In mid-July 2022, worldwide food and beverage giant PepsiCo announced the closing of a new $1.25bn 10-year green bond – its second such venture in the past three years. TMI caught up with Anna Palazij, Vice President, ESG Reporting and Strategic Investment, PepsiCo,...


June 2022 6 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: Everything you need to know about how carbon credit prices are calculated

With carbon markets gaining more prominence in corporate sustainability strategies, we take a closer look at how carbon credit prices are calculated and key factors that companies should consider when purchasing carbon credits for offsetting their residual...