March 2024 9 Min Read

A Signal to the World

Alex Griffiths (Fitch Ratings) discusses climate-related assessments and ratings, and the delivery of a more appropriate model.


September 2023 6 Min Read

Should Sustainability-driven Payment Innovations be Part of Treasury’s ESG Toolkit?

Experts from Standard Chartered examine the latest developments in sustainability and the challenges facing treasurers in successfully adopting them.


August 2023 4 Min Read

Transition Finance Gap Remains Amid Uncertainties

The purpose of transition finance is to fund the improvement of carbon-intensive activities in pursuit of a more sustainable world. This contrasts with green finance, which is used by companies or projects already considered as being green. Transition finance is...


July 2023 10 Min Read

Treasurers Ease Off ESG Pedal as Headwinds Take Their Toll

Tough times coupled with concerns over ESG is causing treasurers to think twice before committing to debt financing in support of low-carbon projects.


July 2023 8 Min Read

Will Financed Emissions Proposals Stop Your Access to Funding?

If you’ve not yet heard about financed emissions, get ready to do your homework. They are about to become a key part of banks’ lending decisions and could potentially put pressure on corporate access to capital. Michelle Horsfield, Executive Director, SMBC Group,...


June 2023 12 Min Read

Treasurers Face Multiple ESG Challenges En Route to Net Zero

Three experts discuss the challenges facing corporates around Scope 3 emissions, and highlight the rethinking that may be necessary to address them.


May 2023 4 Min Read

Growing Focus on Transition Finance in China as ESG Momentum Builds

Several recent initiatives to spur growth in green financing in China suggest progress is being made.


October 2022 7 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: Why are Scope 3 emissions so important but challenging to tackle?

With the ongoing urgency of the climate crisis and increasing focus on greenwashing, it’s critical that businesses understand the full breadth of their emissions and how they can effectively eliminate and reduce them. Scope 3 emissions (also commonly referred to...


October 2022 4 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: Is carbon offsetting a form of greenwashing?

Is carbon offsetting an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or is it simply a form of greenwashing? Divisive though it may be, carbon offsetting is an essential part of the sustainability toolkit – and here’s why. Voluntary carbon credits have come...


October 2022 7 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: using science-based targets to reduce emissions – where to start?

In the seventh article in this series we take a closer look at how a company’s carbon footprint is defined, how it can be reduced in line with climate science, and how the reduction of emissions can be integrated into sustainability-linked financing...


October 2022 3 Min Read

Carbonomics 101: ‘Buyer beware’ – key risks associated with voluntary carbon credits and how to avoid them

In the sixth article in this series, we take a closer look at key risks that companies should consider when using voluntary carbon credits to offset carbon emissions. As the market for high-quality voluntary carbon credits continues to grow, companies may find...


September 2022 31:44

Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Treasury

Caroline Haas, Dr. Arthur Krebbers, and Gustavo Brianza (NatWest) consider practical ways for treasurers to engage with and support ESG.