Published  31:44

Integrating Sustainability into Everyday Treasury

As sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion matters continue to grow in importance for a range of corporate stakeholders, treasurers are in a prime position to support the transition to ESG-friendly practices.

Caroline Haas, Dr. Arthur Krebbers, and Gustavo Brianza (NatWest) join TMI’s Eleanor Hill to consider practical ways for treasurers to engage with and support ESG, whilst also examining the barriers to progress.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Caroline Haas
    Managing Director, Head of Climate and ESG Capital Markets, NatWest
  • Dr Arthur Krebbers
    Head of Corporate Climate & ESG Capital Markets, NatWest
  • Gustavo Brianza
    Managing Director, Debt and Financing Solutions, NatWest


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