22nd June 2022 3:00pm to 3:45pm

Unlocking Real-time Treasury: How to Benefit from APIs and Instant Data on Demand

In partnership with Deutsche Bank

Wednesday 22 June 2022
3pm BST/ 4pm CEST

Having real-time access to information on global cash positions is essential for every strategic treasurer. Thanks to open banking and the rise of open APIs, the dream of real-time treasury is now becoming a reality – making it easy for treasurers to access the information they need at any time and from anywhere, and to work with whomever they please, via whichever system(s) or platform(s) they prefer.

This dynamic panel discussion, featuring insights from subject-matter experts at Deutsche Bank, will enable you to:

  • Understand how APIs can be leveraged (at speed) to create a real-time treasury
  • Access concrete examples of APIs being put to use in the treasury function
  • Determine how APIs can accelerate the pace, accuracy, and robustness of treasury decision-making
  • Pinpoint relevant trends in APIs and how they apply to your organisation
  • Determine the future of APIs in the treasury function – and how to prepare for that


  • Daniel Gramunt, Director Cash Management, Nokia
  • Rita Jardan, Head of CAM Finance, Freeway Entertainment Group
  • Kerstin Montiegel, Global Head Client Connectivity / Digital Client Access Channels (Managing Director), Deutsche Bank


  • Eleanor Hill, Editor, TMI