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8th February 2022

Finding Hidden Yield in Your Supply Chain

In partnership with Coupa

Tuesday 8th February 2022
7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET

Interest rates are hovering at all time lows. Meanwhile, the pandemic has made it extraordinarily difficult for many suppliers to remain viable, forcing them to do a continuous dance of balancing float and liquidity. Guess what – somewhere in the middle is a nirvana that both sets of companies may not be leveraging! Come and learn more about how you can transcend the Procurement, AP, and Treasury silos within your organization, while simultaneously supporting your most important suppliers and enhancing your company’s yield on liquidity.

Why is This Session Important to Treasury & Finance Practitioners?
Treasury departments are often limited with the areas they can go to, to earn a return on their company’s liquidity. The supply-chain is an untapped resource of potential yield on that liquidity, through a tool called dynamic discounting. Utilization of dynamic discounting serves to provide a material increase in yield-on-liquidity, while allowing a company to support their most important suppliers.


  • Ulrika Haug, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Coupa
  • More speakers TBA

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