Hanse Orga introduces new tool for payments


HamburgHanse Orga today announced the introduction of “HO Global Format Integrator” a “plug & play” solution for companies wishing to configure and establish international transaction messages faster and more easily in their SAP system. It is anticipated that corporate clients of Deutsche Bank will be able to use this solution at the end of the second quarter in 2016.

The “HO Global Format Integrator”, which was co-developed by Deutsche Bank, will provide corporate customers with pre-tested templates for ISO 20022 XML and hence reduce the technical effort for integrating transaction services into the SAP system. Deutsche Bank’s corporate clients will be able to acquire format packages for different countries and payment types from Hanse Orga. These will be available in comprehensive individualized packages that include maintenance, phone support and documentation. On request, further country formats can be added at any time. With this solution, corporates can shorten the implementation phase for payment transaction messages and therefore obtain faster and simpler access to Transaction Banking Services.

“With our new “plug & play” solution, corporate clients can significantly reduce their efforts concerning the implementation in SAP as proprietary configuration is no longer needed,” said Stephan Benkendorf, Member of the Executive Board of Hanse Orga. “The pre-tested XML format templates increase the comfort of the application.”

“Worldwide payments are rapidly developing and our clients expect solutions that are efficient and that simplify their daily routines. Our clients’ requirements have been incorporated into the development of this solution, which provides them with easier access to international transaction services”, added Leif Simon, European Regional Head of Component Products, Product Development, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank AG.

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