New Future-oriented Organisational Structure for Association of German Treasurers e.V.


The members of the administrative board and board of directors as well as the management of the office have worked extensively over the past few months on the task of giving the Association of German Treasurers e.V. a modern and future-oriented organisational structure for its further develop-ment. The aim of the new structure is to enable the rapidly growing association at all levels to meet current and future requirements in a timely manner – in terms of content, organisation and operati-ons. This includes, among other things, transparently regulating internal and external responsibilities, accelerating decision-making processes and aligning the cooperation of all those involved (members, executive committee, board) in a collaborative, autonomous and strategic manner.

Therefore, at this year’s general meeting on October 27th, 2022, the focus was on passing a resolution on a new statute, in which the changed organisational structure is anchored. The proposed adjust-ments were accepted by the members present.

In the new structure, the strategic and technical management of the association is the responsibility of the executive committee, which is elected directly by the general assembly. The operational manage-ment, including the management of the office, is carried out by a newly installed full-time executive board, which is supported and represented by two honorary board members.

The General Assembly elected the following members of the Executive Committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Heinrich Degenhart
  • Regina Deisemann
  • Carsten Linker
  • Andreas Sowa
  • Gregory Stephen

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Degenhart as his spokesman and Andreas Sowa as deputy spokesman. Tim Staudt became the executive director and Professor Dr. Christian Debus and Professor Dr. Franziska Kahla ap-pointed to honorary board.

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