SACE and C2FO Sign Partnership to Enhance International Trade for Small- to Mid-Sized Enterprises


Rome – SACE and C2FO have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at supporting the growth of Italian small- to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in international markets.

By matching supply and demand on a global scale, this collaboration framework will advocate the tools and solutions that SACE makes available to improve Italian SMEs’ exports.

To this end, the global techonology provider C2FO will help in identifying foreign customers interested in SACE initiatives that support international trade projects for Italian companies. Specifically, C2FO will facilitate meetings with global players in the markets of interest, raising appreciation and consideration of the Italian supply chain by foreign counterparts.

“In this complex economic phase, export is a crucial ingridient to resilient companies and digital synergies have become vital to support businesses. This is why SACE values C2FO as a strategic partner, to promote the ‘Made in Italy’ growth in the world and to reach high potential emerging markets in which our presence and instruments can make a tangible difference,“ said Pierfrancesco Latini, CEO of SACE.

“We are honoured to partner with SACE in supporting international expansion” said Alexander “Sandy” Kemper, founder and CEO of C2FO. “Our mission to provide all businesses worldwide with the capital needed to grow relies on the collaboration with and among organisations like SACE and companies of all sizes. The growing network of businesses using our online platform can only benefit from the know-how and matching opportunities offered by SACE.”

This cooperation agreement between SACE and C2FO is the start of a path that will be strengthened more and more in the future, through the development of synergies to support the growth of SMEs and the Italian recovery.

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