Treasury management systems poised for a new phase in cloud adoption

  • Triple YoY Growth for TreasuryXpress May Reveal Cloud Adoption Trend for TMS’

New York, NY – TreasuryXpress, the global leader in frictionless and on-demand treasury management solutions has announced triple year-over-year growth for its treasury management solution suite, C2Treasury™. The business reasons driving the demand for TreasuryXpress’ solutions may be indicative that a new trend is emerging for treasury and for the direction that Cloud adoption is headed for the industry.

According to the firm, the growth may indicate a trend towards “direct-to-private cloud” TMS implementations. In 2016, approximately 35% of TreasuryXpress’ new client base chose C2Treasury as their treasury management system because of its ability to be deployed directly onto their organization’s private cloud environment.

“Enterprises are working towards achieving cloud-like capabilities in-house. IT executives want to put their own protocols in place in terms of how data will be accessed, transferred, and even audited. They want more scalable control,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and founder of TreasuryXpress. “To do this, they are creating their own private clouds by moving their data centers and entire IT infrastructures into the cloud with services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. With this evolution, it is becoming more critical that treasury implement TMS solutions that can comply with this IT requirement.”

In their 2016 State of the Cloud study, RightScale reported that 71% of IT teams had adopted a cloud infrastructure in their organizations. Similarly, CIO Magazine published the 2016 State of the CIO Report where findings supported that “Large enterprises from every conceivable industry are transitioning their entire infrastructure and data ecosystems into the cloud.”

“TreasuryXpress is poised support treasurers this next phase of enterprise cloud adoption. Our clients have been able to easily comply with internal IT policies by installing C2Treasury directly onto their firm’s private cloud.” And, the benefits don’t end at implementation. Rahal continues, “As part of our support program, we work with the client’s IT team to maintain a monthly managed upgrade service that helps deliver new functionality directly to the cloud via the cloud in 7 hours or less.”

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