Published  33:18

Treasury Transformation in an Increasingly Complex World – Keeping it Simple

Eleanor Hill (TMI) invites Duang Wollring and Bertie Sanders to discuss Equinix and Bank Mendes Gans’ long-standing collaboration, which has tackled a vast array of treasury challenges.

Our guests provide a detailed account of Equinix’s liquidity management journey, emphasising the importance of efficient fund utilisation and addressing cash surplus.

Furthermore, they explore the benefits of BMG’s cash pooling solution, showcasing operational efficiencies and trapped cash liberation. Reflecting on the partnership’s success, they stress the necessity of comprehensive pre-implementation analysis and offer insights for future projects.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Duang Wollring
    Assistant Treasurer, Equinix
  • Bertie Sanders
    Managing Director Clients & Products USA, Bank Mendes Gans


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