February 2024 3 Min Read

ONEHub to Rule Them All

Fides Treasury Services’ CEO Andreas Lutz talks to TMI about the pace of change in business and the need for better liquidity management.


February 2024 15:41

Involvement in the Broader Organisation’s Sustainability Mission

Eleanor Hill (TMI) invites Javier Guijarro (PwC) to explore why an ESG standardisation disconnect exists, and identifies the barriers holding treasurers back from formalising ESG approaches.


January 2024 12 Min Read

AI: Reshaping the Treasurer’s Role

For treasurers looking at taking advantage of AI in their daily tasks, there is much preparation work to do.


December 2023 8 Min Read

The Working Capital Work-Out

Elizebeth John and Ritesh Jain (Citi) explain how businesses can build a leaner, healthier relationship with their cash by leveraging innovative solutions.


November 2023 15 Min Read

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Three industry experts highlight key considerations for treasurers looking to optimise the use of excess cash, maximise yield, and manage risk.


November 2023 00:00

Central Banks Hold Rates as Financial Tightening Takes Grip

Welcome to the latest edition of Liquidity Link Live, your exclusive market analysis provided by Northern Trust Asset Management.


November 2023 13 Min Read

Translating Payments Innovation into Treasury Success

For treasurers, payments are also one of the most exciting aspects of the role – not least because the space is full of innovation and business opportunity.


November 2023 5 Min Read

Investing for Change: A Treasury Tale with a Happy Outcome

Impact investing can be a compelling financial tool with which to make a positive difference in communities. But it can also be an effective part of the corporate treasurer’s portfolio. Evantz Perodin, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, T. Rowe Price, explains...


October 2023 9 Min Read

Perfect Partner

Juliana Kitching (WED2B) shares her insights and experiences of financial leadership across a range of businesses, offering some tips for success.


October 2023 16:04

How the PwC Global Treasury Survey Reveals One Certainty

Dider Vandenhaute (PwC) discusses the second theme from PwC’s 2023 Global Treasury Survey – cash efficiency becoming paramount.


October 2023 41:45

Unlocking Cash Through Supplier-led Solutions

Maurice Benisty (Demica) and Ingmar Bergmann (IMB Consulting) explore the fundamentals of trade receivables finance and trade receivables securitisation.

September 2023

Through the Liquidity Lens

Are you exposed to unintended risks? Download our extensive short-term investment trends report to find out – and benchmark yourself against over 200 treasurers globally.