April 2024

Treasury Transformation in an Increasingly Complex World – Keeping it Simple

Duang Wollring and Bertie Sanders discuss Equinix and Bank Mendes Gans’ long-standing collaboration, which has tackled a vast array of treasury challenges.


January 2024 11 Min Read

Supermarket Sweep

When UK supermarket giant Morrisons switched from PLC to PE ownership, the spotlight was cast on the treasury team as the new structure took shape. Luke Harris, Interim Head of Treasury, Morrisons, talks to TMI about people, processes, and technology.


January 2024 9 Min Read

The Unicorn Treasurer

Creating a centralised treasury model from scratch isn’t easy. But risk specialist Dominic Lynch, Head of Treasury at GoStudent has done it at this firm and his prior company, Bitpanda.


December 2023 19:27

DEME’s Transformation Journey: Improving Payments’ Visibility and Control

Geert Wouters, Anje Reybrouck (DEME Group), and Lenie De Ridder (BNP Paribas) unravel the intricacies of DEME Group’s treasury transformation. 


November 2023 25:23

From Adversity to Prosperity: T-Mobile’s Journey to a Full Treasury Function

Robert Dekker (T-Mobile) covers the progression of T-Mobile Netherlands’ from a carve-out with no treasury function to a standalone company with a full treasury function.


September 2023 18:50

Ask a Friend: How Banking Partners are Helping with Treasury Transformations

Manish Kohli (HSBC) explores key considerations for corporate treasurers in today’s digital landscape.


September 2023 20:40

Predicting the Future of the Treasury Function

PwC’s Bruno Lopes explores major shifts in corporate treasury roles over the last 24 months and considers what this could mean for the future.


July 2023 7 Min Read

The Power of Partnership

In partnership with BNP Paribas India, Fortum was able to take its customer payment experience to the next level.


July 2023 4 Min Read

Mastering ISO 20022 Migration for Corporates: A Call to Action

In the ever-evolving landscape of global finance, staying ahead of industry-wide transformations is paramount. One such seismic shift is the ISO 20022 migration, which has far-reaching implications for corporates across the globe. With recent milestones achieved...


May 2023 10 Min Read

The Holistic Treasurer

Jonas Falk (SKF) reflects on the many hurdles he and his team faced in centralising the group’s treasury operations during the pandemic.


November 2022 20:27

Asian Treasury Trends: Learnings and Opportunities

Valerie Heng (Deloitte) joins Eleanor Hill to discuss the hot topic of treasury transformation, alongside other key shifts treasurers should be aware of.


September 2022 14:33

Practical Steps Towards Treasury Transformation

Why is treasury transformation such a key topic in today's marketplace? To answer this burning question, Michèle Zaquine and Myriam Radi (HSBC) join TMI's Eleanor Hill in the TreasuryCast hotseat. Our guests identify the cutting-edge tools and technologies...