Published  20:46

Honing in on the Future of Payments

Eleanor Hill (TMI) is joined by David Cunningham and Naveed Anwar (Citi) to discuss current offering available to treasurers that will drive payments innovation.

In this candid discussion, our guests envision how tools such as APIs, paired with regulatory shifts, will facilitate a wave of benefits for treasury teams. Furthermore, in the context of digital currencies, David and Naveed consider how a Regulated Liability Network might be used to de-risk and accelerate commercial bank payments, and benefit end-users such as treasurers.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • David Cunningham
    Global Head of Strategy and Partnerships for Digital Assets, Treasury & Trade Solutions (TTS), Citi
  • Naveed Anwar
    Global Head of TTS Digital and Data, Citi


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