Published  34:45

Revolutionising the Customer Experience in a Fragmented World

Vinay Mendonca (HSBC) and Gert Sylvest (Tradeshift) join Eleanor Hill (TMI) for an informal discussion around driving supply chain resilience through embedded finance.

Our guests identify the challenges that corporates are facing in the supply chain space and consider the ways in which treasury teams can leverage ecommerce to homogenise the trade finance funding gap. Furthermore, find out more about a recent collaboration between HSBC and Tradeshift which is helping to produce embedded finance solutions to facilitate supply chain resilience for corporates.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Vinay Mendonca
    Chief Growth Officer, Global Trade & Receivables Finance, HSBC
  • Gert Sylvest
    Co-founder, GM of Small Business & Fintech Product, Tradeshift


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