52:547 November 2023

AI: Reshaping the Role of the Treasurer

Mario Del Natale (Johnson Controls), Jan-Willem Attevelt (Automation Boutique), and Bob Stark (Kyriba) explore how treasurers can approach AI to best unlock the benefits it can offer today.

  • Mario Del Natale
    Treasury Director, Global Digital Treasury, Johnson Controls

  • Jan-Willem Attevelt
    Co-founder, Automation Boutique

  • Bob Stark
    Head of Market Strategy, Kyriba

20:467 November 2023

Honing in on the Future of Payments

Eleanor Hill (TMI) is joined by David Cunningham and Naveed Anwar (Citi) to discuss current offering available to treasurers that will drive payments innovation.

  • David Cunningham
    Global Head of Strategy and Partnerships for Digital Assets, Treasury & Trade Solutions (TTS), Citi

  • Naveed Anwar
    Global Head of TTS Digital and Data, Citi