May 2024 4 Min Read

What’s Driving the New Era of Treasury?

In a payments landscape where change is the only constant, the role of treasurers is shifting away from traditional operational and manual duties and moving towards that of strategic technologists. BNY’s Kelly Wen, Head of Treasury Advisory, and Linda Wang, Senior...


May 2024 20 Min Read

Sixth Sense

A detailed summary of the various plenary sessions which took place at the 2024 EACT Summit.


April 2024 9 Min Read

Closing the Case for Taking the Open-Source Route at ASML

Rick Schreurs offers insight into ASML’s award-winning FX exposure forecasting tool.


April 2024 11 Min Read

Fintechs Under Pressure

TMI explores the current appeal of the fintech solution from the perspectives of treasurer and fintech.


March 2024 13 Min Read

AI in Treasury

AI in all its forms is already disrupting corporate treasury procedures, training, and the strategic aims of the function.


March 2024 5 Min Read

How to Spot a Deepfake

Deepfake videos are making the news as a developing means of financial fraud. Laurent Sarrat, Co-Founder and CEO of payments security fintech Sis ID, assists TMI in its investigation of this digital menace. There’s a new threat to corporate financial security,...


February 2024 14 Min Read

Treasury Outlook

Pressure on cash management and working capital looks set to be more intense than ever in 2024, forcing treasurers to be resourceful and innovative to protect capital and help navigate their companies through the year ahead.


February 2024 7 Min Read

A Man for all Treasury Seasons

Andre Olivier (PayU) discusses his professional trajectory, reveals the lessons learnt, and predicts challenges and opportunities ahead for treasurers.


February 2024 11 Min Read

Embracing the Future

A recent J.P. Morgan webinar lined up some key witnesses to explore how Generative AI, and large language model-based algorithms, could shape the future.


January 2024 9 Min Read

The Unicorn Treasurer

Creating a centralised treasury model from scratch isn’t easy. But risk specialist Dominic Lynch, Head of Treasury at GoStudent has done it at this firm and his prior company, Bitpanda.


January 2024 12 Min Read

AI: Reshaping the Treasurer’s Role

For treasurers looking at taking advantage of AI in their daily tasks, there is much preparation work to do.


December 2023 11 Min Read

Entering the Digital and Sustainable World of Trade and Supply Chain Finance

Here, two experts from BNP Paribas explain how banks, fintechs, industry bodies, and corporates, are deploying technology and innovation to overcome SCF obstacles.