Treasury Technology
Published  13 MIN READ

AI in Treasury

Intelligence, But Not As We Know It

Within treasury departments, AI can be deployed in various ways to deliver benefits such as enhancing cash flow forecasting, mitigating fraud, and managing FX risk.

But what about the significant governance and bias concerns that are part and parcel of AI usage? Here, four industry experts examine the use of the continually-evolving technology – including generative AI – within the function and weigh up its pros and cons. 

While AI may not be new, the amount of data that is now available for it to mine – and the rise of generative AI (GenAI) apps such as Google’s Gemini (formerly Bard) that interface with large language model (LLM) neural networks – mean the technology is now more accessible than ever.

The advent of the internet, cloud-based services and storage, and APIs as an easy means of plugging an end-use AI app into pre-existing systems, mean that AI can no longer be ignored. It has moved on from RPA or ML applications of the technology, which are still relevant, to GenAI applications.