Treasury Technology
Published  4 MIN READ

Can APIs Improve Bank Connectivity?

What is preventing corporates from embracing game-changing APIs? Why are they so hesitant to invest in this form of cutting-edge technology? Patric Leone, Product Manager, PO Connectivity, Fides Treasury Services, offers answers to these questions by revealing the results of a wide-ranging poll – leading to some insightful and surprising conclusions.

In the dynamic realm of corporate-to-bank connectivity, the strategic incorporation of APIs emerges as a pivotal facet, offering the potential to significantly enhance operational efficiency and transparency. The treasury API usage poll, conducted live at AFP 2023 during a session with more than 400 attendees, has brought to light an interesting narrative.

The reality of APIs in treasury today

Fides asked a broad finance audience about treasury API usage. While a modest 14% of respondents currently have established APIs, a substantial 42% are actively engaged in the implementation process. This trend hints at a growing inclination towards API adoption within corporate treasury and finance teams.

Which of the following best describes your experience with API implementation?