April 2019 7 Min Read

The Continuing Quest to Modernise Corporate Payments and Bank Connectivity in the Digital Age

In an era of digitisation, payments acceleration, and new techniques to exchange and integrate transactions and data, treasurers and finance managers have unprecedented opportunities to modernise corporate payments and bank connectivity. Furthermore, as FIS’ 2018...


January 2019 8 Min Read

Hitting the Bullseye – Centralising Global Liquidity at FAAC Group

Specialising in providing pedestrian and vehicle access automation systems, FAAC Group has operations and customers all over the world. As a result of this global footprint and legacy banking arrangements, the group’s cash management landscape was fragmented. Here,...


December 2018 4 Min Read

A Pioneer in Cross-Border Payment Innovation

Since its incorporation in Shenzhen, PRC in 1988, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd (Ping An) has become one of China’s leading integrated finance conglomerates. It is one of the world’s largest insurance groups, ranked 10th in the Forbes Global 2000...


December 2018 12 Min Read

Demystifying Digital Treasury – Lessons from the UAE

Knowing which technology innovations to invest in now, and which to put on the back burner, is a challenge for any treasurer. But it is particularly difficult for those operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where the real-time digital infrastructure is still...


September 2018 8 Min Read

Vive la Révolution: Shaking Up Payments and Cash Management

Driven by technological and regulatory change, the payments landscape is currently a hotbed of innovation. Deborah Mur, Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, HSBC France, highlights some of the latest developments – including a recent collaboration between...


May 2018 8 Min Read

Travelling Safely at Speed: Embracing SWIFT gpi at IATA

At its core, SWIFT gpi is all about speed, efficiency and transparency – but its success rests on support and collaboration too. Early adopters are shaping the way forward for this fundamental change to cross-border payments and co-creation is now the order of the...


April 2018 5 Min Read

A Milestone in SWIFT Corporate Connectivity

ING has had a long and proactive commitment to supporting clients that choose to use SWIFT for bank connectivity. In 2017, the bank reached an important milestone, with almost one in four of all SWIFT corporate clients worldwide now connected to ING.  In this...


April 2018 8 Min Read

Payments Innovation: Debunking the Myths

In this Executive Interview, Bruno Mellado, Head of International Payments and Collections, BNP Paribas Cash Management, shares his views on some of the most exciting developments in the payments space today, whilst explaining how new technologies can work in harmony...


January 2018 3 Min Read

Innovation for Cash Management – Continuous Improvement Brings Greater Efficiency

Treasury departments today, in any corporation, are constantly striving to improve payment processes and procedures. By automating their payment processes to ensure timely and accurate delivery of payments is achieved, banks and their corporate clients can...


November 2017 12 Min Read

Pondering Payments

Ten years ago, the collapse of Lehman Bros and the rampaging financial crisis that followed started at Sibos. Despite the whirlwind that followed, the eye of the storm, in a room full of the world’s bankers, was eerily silent. The lights at the Lehman booth were,...


November 2017 5 Min Read

Do You Keep Cash Close to (the Currency) Home?

Centralisation has been a key theme in corporate treasury for some years, with many corporations successfully operating regional centres to support particular geographies. Increasingly, however, we see a trend towards...


March 2016 2 Min Read

A New International Monetary System in a New World Order

The global financial industry is undergoing a period of significant change, fuelled by a combination of regulation, globalisation, economic crises and socio-political unrest. As new currencies come to the fore and shifts in economic power continue, the requirement for...