March 2022 19 Min Read

Treasury First – 20 Years of the EACT

As the EACT celebrates its 20th anniversary, let us reflect upon its journey to the visionary and respected organisation it is today.


July 2021 2 Min Read

How Request to Pay Will Transform the Payments Landscape

Request to Pay – a new standard for requesting a payment – is being built on top of the existing payment infrastructure throughout Europe. With a patchwork of account-to-account solutions already covering a wealth of different use cases, how will Request to Pay...


June 2020 7 Min Read

New Europe Awakens: A Fresh Look at Post-Brexit Treasury

Despite the challenges, the UK’s departure from the EU is an opportunity for corporates on both sides of the channel to re-engineer treasury workflows, overhaul legacy processes, and revamp treasury models. Andrés Baltar, Head of Europe, Corporate Banking at...


September 2019 5 Min Read

Instant Payments and gpi: A Story of Interoperability

The payments sector has made huge strides in recent years. In Europe, the introduction of instant domestic payment services such as SCT Inst and TIPS has stoked demand for faster payments beyond Europe’s borders. While SWIFT gpi has moved us closer to meeting this...


April 2018 5 Min Read

Instant Impact: Lessons Learnt in the Wake of the Instant Payments Launch

The dust has now settled on the launch of the European Payments Council’s SCT Inst scheme, which went live across Europe in November 2017. Six months on, Thomas Dusch of UniCredit takes us through the lessons learnt – arguing that excellent client uptake and system...