January 2018 6 Min Read

Digital Innovation in Cash Management 2018

Recognised as one of the most powerful women in banking, Diane S Reyes, HSBC’s Head of Global Liquidity & Cash Management talks to Helen Sanders, Editor, about the impact and potential of digitisation in cash management. What would you say the distinctive...


January 2018 9 Min Read

Blockchain: A Libertarian Panacea?

 Blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin, has given partisans of the libertarian movement unlooked for backing. This technology and its offshoots will soon give rise to a number of solutions, over and above cryptocurrencies. Surely we are at the dawn of an...


November 2017 4 Min Read

AkzoNobel: A Journey with HSBC – Building a Strong Partnership

Treasury Transformation: Delivering Value Our journey with AkzoNobel started in 2007, when they embarked on a treasury transformation project called ‘One Finance’, with the intention of achieving a number of key objectives for their finance function: To operate and...


September 2017 8 Min Read

How to Apply a Virtual Network Bank

When Arnold Voet took up his position in Aalberts’ treasury department, he was confronted with a group made up of a multitude of small and medium-sized companies. These units had – and were meant to have – a great deal of responsibility and entrepreneurial...


August 2017 7 Min Read

Solutions and Partnerships for the Next-Generation Corporate Treasurer

In recent years, companies have become increasingly focused on managing their FX risks. That’s because they face challenges from seemingly all sides: increasing regulatory constraints, bank-driven reductions of available liquidity, and on top of it all, the cost of...


June 2017 6 Min Read

OpenLink Cloud – A World First

OpenLink Cloud is the world’s first enterprise cloud platform for trading, treasury and risk management, combining the strength and security of the Microsoft Azure platform with OpenLink’s own security and tools to ensure that clients’ systems and data are...


June 2011 7 Min Read

Making the Decision to Hedge

FX hedging is a fundamental element of every treasurer’s role, with the potential for large swings in financial results if hedging is absent or insufficient. Defining the right hedging policy for the business is essential, taking into account stakeholders’ risk...