June 2021 5 Min Read

Dollar Excess Drives Spike in Fed Reverse Repo Facility Demand

Northern Trust Asset Management Monthly Market Commentary for May 2021 Eurozone Market Update The European Union’s vaccine rollout is progressing well, with around 46% of the adult population receiving at least one dose. Measures to reopen tourism are being discussed...


May 2021 2 Min Read

Treasurers Search for Yield, Impact and Efficiency

Economic recovery depends on how well we recover from the pandemic. A year ago, companies ploughed cash into money market funds (MMFs) to keep it safe and liquid as the crisis wreaked havoc on families, work and businesses. By the end of 2020, companies were heading...


May 2021 4 Min Read

Easing Lockdowns Spark Economic Data Optimism

Northern Trust Asset Management Monthly Market Commentary for April 2021 Eurozone Market Update As anticipated, the ECB Governing Council made no changes to its monetary policy. The ECB reiterated that purchases under...


April 2021 9 Min Read

A Treasurer’s Guide to Data Analytics

As a resource, data has been described as ‘the new oil’. But as with oil, something has to happen to it to make it useful. For treasurers, data analytics is a discipline that can no longer be left to the IT team. We explore the reasons why. The numbers related to...


April 2021 5 Min Read

Divergence Between Central Banks as ECB Takes Action

Northern Trust Asset Management Monthly Market Commentary for March 2021 Eurozone Market Update As expected, the ECB announced no policy changes in March – the meeting concentrated on long end rate moves. The ECB...


March 2021 5 Min Read

Drowning in Dollars: Can Markets Stay Afloat?

Northern Trust Asset Management Monthly Market Commentary for February 2021 Eurozone Market Update Euro markets saw a relatively mundane month with the front end remaining anchored, as investor outflows across the...


January 2021 19:17

Innovation for Long Term Resilience

Johnny Grimes, Deutsche Bank, joins TMI’s Eleanor Hill in the TreasuryCast studio to cover the ways in which treasury functions have hastily adapted to counteract the disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic. Our guest considers how an accelerated pace of...


October 2020 3 Min Read

Negative Interest Rates and the Implications for Money Market Funds

The conditions now facing the global economy are unprecedented. For many countries, interest rates have been close to record lows since the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. While some central banks had already taken the plunge into negative territory, the...


October 2020 1 Min Read

People in Focus: Stephen Randall

Stephen Randall has recently been appointed Citi’s TTS Global Head of Liquidity Management Services, and a member of the Global Executive Committee.  In this position he is responsible for managing more than 50% of Citi’s deposit base across all...


May 2020 8 Min Read

The Dangers of Negative Interest Rates

Are negative interest rates really good for treasurers, and for the world economy in general? There are admittedly some benefits, but there are many more drawbacks. Perhaps a return to zero rates would bring the greatest overall benefit.  A few years ago, the...


October 2019 7 Min Read

Hitting the Sweet Spot: Macro Uncertainty and the Ultra-Short Solution

In the current uncertain macro environment, it is tempting for treasurers to hunker down in their short-term investment comfort zone, namely money market funds (MMFs). Nevertheless, if they are prepared to step out into an ultra-short-duration strategy, investors can...


December 2018 9 Min Read

Optimising Liquidity When Interest Rates Are Rising: Three Key Steps

A rising rate environment can be a challenge even for the most sophisticated fixed income investor. And even though treasurers know further rate hikes are on the cards, they may happen more swiftly than some...