July 2023 10 Min Read

Don’t Forget to Breathe!

Natasha Condon and Martijn Stoker explain how corporate treasury teams can manage ongoing uncertainty in 2023.

July 2023

Automating FX Risk and Optimising Hedging: A Fresh Look

Wednesday, 6th September 2023 Are you measuring your FX exposures correctly? Is the process highly manual? And is your current hedging strategy really in the best shape? These were all questions the treasury team at medical technology firm Dräger asked...


June 2023 12 Min Read

Taking the Guesswork Out of Liquidity Buffers

Is there a more effective means of calculating and holding buffers while keeping risk under control?


June 2023 11:37

Podcast – What Can Treasurers Expect from the 2023 New York Cash Exchange?

Robin Page (TMI) invites two guests from TMANY to provide a sneak preview of the topics central to this year’s New York Cash Exchange Event.


May 2023 39:49

Solving Treasury Challenges for Firms Spreading their Wings Overseas

Technology and novel business models are emboldening SMEs to tackle new overseas markets in the quest for rapid growth. 


May 2023 6 Min Read

Growing Pains

HSBC’s Ray Suvrodeep and Jon Denny shed light on the myriad of finance and treasury challenges SMEs face and offer advice on how to overcome them.


May 2023 9 Min Read

Ports in a Storm

TMI asks whether today’s data-driven world has added to the challenge of counteryparty risk management or offers the ultimate solution to mitigating it.


April 2023 4 Min Read

How Treasury Teams Can Learn from the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the impact on stressed tech companies should be a lesson to treasurers about where and how they deposit vital funds. Laurent Descout, CEO and Co-Founder of Neo, offers treasury teams a timely reminder of four simple steps to...


April 2023 06:59

Audio TMI – Hedging Strategies for a Perfect Storm

Turbulent times call for strong financial risk mitigation. Amol Dhargalkar (Chatham Financial) tells TMI that hedging s...


April 2023 3 Min Read

Risk Management is Not the Only Reason to Diversify Cash Accounts

Current banking turmoil suggests now may be a good time for treasurers to reassess their approach to cash deposits. But diversification has many strands. There’s nothing like a bank failure to remind everyone that diversification is a core principle of...


March 2023 11 Min Read

Behavioural Economics

Increasing numbers of firms are leveraging insights into human psychology to help improve their operations, especially when it comes to risk management.


March 2023 12 Min Read

Travelling Without Moving

TMI talks to Amit Baraskar, Vice President & Head – Treasury, Thomas Cook India Group, about his treasury journey.