February 2024 17:53

Navigating the Economic Environment and Managing Risk

Michiel Mannaerts (PwC) provides expert advice around how treasury teams can proactively manage multiple varieties of risk and improve their hedging strategies in 2024.


January 2024 9 Min Read

The Unicorn Treasurer

Creating a centralised treasury model from scratch isn’t easy. But risk specialist Dominic Lynch, Head of Treasury at GoStudent has done it at this firm and his prior company, Bitpanda.


January 2024 6 Min Read

Treasury’s Role in Creating a Digital Marketplace

This whitepaper outlines the steps corporate treasurers should take to create and support digital marketplaces.


January 2024 9 Min Read

Why Investors Need Climate Change Probabilities Not ‘Certainties’

Current climate-change scenarios, while effective for policy development, are of little use to investors, and could even be increasing jeopardy. TMI talks to a climate risk scientist from the EDHEC Risk Climate Institute about the issue, and a possible...


January 2024 32 Min Read

How to Write a Robust Treasury Policy and Limit Unwanted Outcomes

Treasury policy is the executive mandate to the treasurer, as custodian of financial risk. This in-depth yet accessible guide explains how to get it right.


January 2024 3 Min Read

Testing the Future: FX Scenario Modelling for All

Effective control of foreign transaction fee budgets means FX scenario modelling. Danny Ross, Managing Director, Argentex, a global payment and currency risk management specialist, tells TMI why. Every business setting cost pricing or managing its budget with...


December 2023 11 Min Read

‘Where the Rubber Hits the Road’: Analysing the ESG State of Play

The ACT held its second annual ESG Conference on 21 November to address the the drive towards green practices and net zero.


December 2023 30:14

The Never-Ending Passion: A Treasurer’s Tale of Risk and Reward

Dominic Lynch (GoStudent) details his treasury journey so far, from his role in Bitpanda’s treasury team to the founding of his risk scoring fintech, Value Block.


November 2023 15 Min Read

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Three industry experts highlight key considerations for treasurers looking to optimise the use of excess cash, maximise yield, and manage risk.


November 2023 5 Min Read

Citi GPS Survey – Treasury Leadership: Does It Matter?

A recently published study by Citi seeks to explain what differentiates top performing treasuries from the rest. A follow-on discussion with Dr Duncan Cole, Digital & Partnerships, Client Advisory, and Ron Chakravarti, Global Head, Client Advisory, both of...


November 2023 4 Min Read

Adapting to Volatility: Dealing with Increased Commodity Risk

In a trading environment beset by all manner of challenges, managing commodities risk requires treasury responsiveness and flexibility. Luke Roberts, Head of Commodity Sales, Lloyds Bank Corporate & Institutional Banking, looks at risk mitigation best...


October 2023

Risky Business: Outlook on Corporate Credit Quality

This webinar replay offers insight into how corporate treasurers are positioning around credit risk and the factors that could have a material impact on credit quality over the coming months.