Treasury Strategy & Transformation
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Partnering for Pace

Delivering Innovation for Corporate Treasury

Corporate treasurers want – and need – a continuous flow of innovative solutions to stay competitive. In this article, sponsored by Standard Chartered, we delve into the current pace of innovation and delivery to market and outline how process optimisation and partnerships with cutting-edge fintech companies can accelerate progress.

The economic and financial landscape is undergoing rapid transformation. As consumers increasingly prioritise speed, convenience and accessibility, finance departments and treasuries, must keep up. This means innovating to enhance visibility, security, control over financial activities, and increasingly, the end-user experience. It’s perhaps now more than ever that the need to prioritise innovation is pushed to the fore.

However, innovation doesn’t just happen magically. It needs a thorough understanding, vision, creativity, practicality, realism, and persistence to make it successful. The driving forces behind each new solution must create value for the intended end user or should address their existing operational or compliance issues, and in some cases, deliver both.

Putting theory into action

Let’s consider the surge of e-commerce, for example. With more corporates embracing digital sales channels throughout the pandemic, and the rise of marketplaces as well as direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales, corporate treasurers are looking for better ways to manage payments and collections.