October 2021 3 Min Read

Real-time Data is Treasurers’ Top Priority

An industry survey conducted by the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) has revealed that treasurers are now recognising the value of the vast quantities of data at their disposal. When it is appropriately used – crunched, consolidated and analysed...


September 2021 11 Min Read

Roadmap to ESG in 2025

A Turning Point for Treasury For environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives to become part of the day-to-day activities of the business community, it will take continued strong leadership and guidance. In the final instalment of this three-part series, Bank...


September 2021 8 Min Read

The Future By Design

Lim Soon Chong took over as DBS’ Group Head of Global Transaction Services on 1 August replacing John Laurens, who will be retiring at the end of the year. Lim, who also continues in his role as Head of Digital for DBS’ institutional banking group, spoke to TMI...


September 2021 5 Min Read

The Long Road to Africa’s Promised Land of Trade and Prosperity

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has been touted as the supercharger of Africa’s long-term economic success. Here, Bohani Hlungwane, Group Head of Sales, Trade and Working Capital, Absa, looks back at the journey so far, and assesses what still...


September 2021 6 Min Read

How a Global Health Crisis Brought about a Revolution in Business Banking

When we think about a health crisis, we don’t naturally assume banking will change as a result. Nevertheless, the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered positive change within the financial services industry, as recent research by Banking Circle illustrates. When the first...


July 2021 4 Min Read

The 1920s Roared After a Pandemic – Will the 2020s Do the Same?

The Roaring Twenties were driven by technological progress, developments in economic infrastructure, and defined by a flowering of post-pandemic parties and an explosion of economic activity. Sound familiar? Christoph Gugelmann, Co-Founder and CEO, Tradeteq, explores...


June 2021 4 Min Read

Debunking Supply Chain Finance Myths

Supply chain finance has evolved in recent years, yet fallacies surrounding what it is, which types of businesses it’s aimed at, and what it’s for persist. In practice, supply chain finance (SCF)  is a tool to help fortify relationships between companies within a...


March 2021 4 Min Read

Embracing Dynamic Supplier Finance to Support Corporate Supply Chains

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of offering financial support to corporate supply chains, but the Global Supply Chain Finance Forum has also noted how the availability and the cost of traditional payable finance programmes are still a challenge for...


February 2021 5 Min Read

Why Trade Finance Market Places are the Way Forward

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a significant slump in global trade volumes in 2020, with the latest World Trade Organisation (WTO) forecast estimating that global merchandise trade will shrink by 9.2% year-on-year. If there is any silver lining to the crisis,...


February 2021 8 Min Read

Recipe for Success: Building a New World-class Treasury during Lockdown

When Patrick Kunz, Interim Treasury & Finance Consultant, started at, the treasury function did not exist. Building one from scratch is the dream scenario for many treasurers. But when – on only the third day of this endeavour – the world went into...


February 2021 11:19

Leading Edge Supply Chain Finance: Smart and Sustainable

TMI’s Eleanor Hill is joined in the virtual TreasuryCast studio by Gwynne Master, Managing Director and Global Head of Trade, Lloyds Bank, to discuss all things supply chain finance, an area that has faced considerable disruption over the last 12 months. Furthermore,...


February 2021 7 Min Read

Why Banking Has to Shape Up or Ship Out

EY’s recent report on the state of the corporate, commercial, and SME banking market points to a number of problems in the sector, before providing several solutions. Treasurers interested in moulding the future with their key partners should get involved in the...