October 2023 21:43

Bringing it Home: Wallstreet Suite as Treasury’s Knowledge Centre

Loic Leonard (ION Treasury) joins Eleanor Hill (TMI) to share his thoughts on payment hubs and currency exposure management automation.


July 2020 5 Min Read

Instant Gratification: The Rise of the On-Demand TMS

As digitisation accelerates and organisations rethink their technology requirements as a result of Covid-19, treasurers are questioning whether their treasury management systems (TMSs) are still fit for purpose. Anis Rahal, Founder and CEO, TreasuryXpress, explains how...


June 2020 5 Min Read

Optimising Treasury to Support the Business

Looking to enhance visibility over treasury data and to support an ambitious company growth plan, S&T AG decided to roll out a new treasury management system across the group. Here, Bettina Ludwig, the company’s Head of Financing, Treasury and Insurance, reveals...


September 2019 9 Min Read

Advantage Evolution

Deloitte Treasury Technology Market Intelligence Report 2019 Automation, sophisticated analytics and rich data visualisations are putting powerful new tools in the hands of treasury teams. The treasury function is moving from routine reporting to embracing predictive...


September 2019 3 Min Read

TUHF Leverages Kyriba for Mission-Critical Debt Management

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, TUHF Limited is an inner-city commercial property financing company that lends to local business owners with the vision and tenacity to develop affordable rental accommodations. However, due to its successful growth...


September 2019 6 Min Read

Corporate Treasury at a Crossroads:

The Challenges and Opportunities in Modernising Treasury Operations Treasurers are struggling to modernise treasury operations at a time when the consequences of technological weaknesses have never been greater. The expanding role of the treasury function, accelerated...


September 2019 3 Min Read

Curating Treasury Services: Future Role of the Cloud TMS

The move to the cloud has dramatically reduced the cost of ownership for treasury management systems, enabling corporations to access technology and business solutions that were previously out of reach. And more is to come: by offering seamless integration with...