Treasury Technology
Published  5 MIN READ

Optimising Treasury to Support the Business

Looking to enhance visibility over treasury data and to support an ambitious company growth plan, S&T AG decided to roll out a new treasury management system across the group. Here, Bettina Ludwig, the company’s Head of Financing, Treasury and Insurance, reveals the twists and turns of the implementation journey and shares best practices from the experience.

With the slogan ‘We love IT’ attached to its name, Austria-headquartered S&T AG is no stranger to high-tech concepts and systems. For the independent system integrator’s treasury department, this has meant embarking on a journey to automate and digitise processes by implementing a new treasury management system (TMS).

“It’s essential to have a complete overview of all issues going on in treasury, as the department has a wide remit,” says Ludwig. “Cash is of course top of the list, but treasury also needs visibility over processes such as guarantee management. If you have everything in one system, it makes it much easier, not only for treasury, but for any internal entities that require that information – with the correct permissions, of course.”

With this goal in mind, Ludwig’s team felt it was time to implement a TMS to take their operations to the next level of efficiency.