Calastone Money Market Services

Fast, automated investing, reporting and settlement

Calastone Money Market Services has changed how treasurers make money market fund investments by digitalizing the short term investment process.

We have automated the trade, settlement, reporting and sweeps processes to give treasurers a safer, more transparent and real time investment process.

As the largest global mutual funds network with over 3,500 clients worldwide, treasurers can connect to Calastone from any treasury system and be instantly connected to all the major liquidity fund providers, portals and settlement banks.

Why Calastone Money Market Services?

One automated and digital trade, reporting and settlement process gives treasurers investment certainty and enhanced visibility over each money market fund investment without the risk of error and delay that is posed by today’s multi step process and intermediary systems.

Connection or integration costs are usually absorbed by the fund provider.

One connection delivers real time fund information into any treasury system for better, faster and more informed investment decision making.

Understand cash positions with real time tracking of every investment and redemption, live settlement updates, end-to-end payment tracking and instant fund updates.

As the world’s largest mutual fund network, Calastone connects treasurers, and any treasury system, to the widest range of portals and liquidity funds possible.

Podcast: Re-tooling Treasury for a Resilient Future

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