Published  32:28

Re-tooling Treasury for a Resilient Future

Preparing for the unknown is a challenge. But forward-thinking treasurers are beginning to access real-time useable data to optimise cash forecasting – and automating investment processes. Eleanor Hill speaks to Jim Scurlock (Microsoft), Luc Vlaminck (Rémy Cointreau), Jonathan Spirgel (Hazeltree) and Ed Lopez (Calastone) to assess how treasurers are managing their organisation’s cash and liquidity requirements to strategically advance their role and their team’s capabilities.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Jim Scurlock
    Director, Global Cash Management, Microsoft
  • Luc Vlaminck
  • Ed Lopez
    Chief Revenue Officer, Calastone
  • Jonathan Spirgel
    Managing Director, Hazeltree


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