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Cash & Liquidity Management
The Ultimate Short-Term Investment Stress Test: Lessons From Covid-19

Treasurers were finding it hard enough to know where to invest their short-term cash before the pandemic hit. Now, the pressure is...

Cash & Liquidity Management
Money Market Fund Makeover Innovation in Short-Term Investments

The doom-mongering around money market fund regulation has now stopped. Instead, talk has moved on to low interest rates, credit...

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Goldman Sachs Asset Management Partners with Kyriba

Goldman Sachs Asset Management announced today that it has entered into a connectivity agreement with Kyriba, a global leader of enterprise liquidity management solutions, to connect the Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions Portal, Mosaic, with Kyriba’s digital Treasury Management System (TMS). The new...

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The Banker’s View – EuroFinance 2019

At the 2019 EuroFinance conference in Copenhagen, TMI interviewed a number of key players for an exclusive three-part edition of TreasuryCast, featuring insights into three distinctive areas in the treasury space.