Making the Numbers Add Up
Treasury Technology   8 Min Read

Frustrated by heavy reliance on manual work across a range of treasury and payments processes, the treasury team at Vectrus partnered with BNP Paribas and Kyriba to harness the power of automation to drive...

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NFTs in Treasury? Establishing Use Cases in Trade Finance and Beyond
Crypto & DeFi   10 Min Read

The world’s first trade finance-based non-fungible token transaction in 2021 highlights the need for treasurers to understand the technology behind tokenisation and the practical implications that it could have for corporate finance. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained...

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Lost in Transaction: Overcoming Payments Pitfalls
Cash & Liquidity Management   10 Min Read

From simple errors to duplicates, fraud, and sanctions violations, there are several areas where payments can go wrong – particularly in the real-time environment. A recent TMI webinar in partnership with Kyriba examined common pain points and outlined ways to...

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We Need a Better Solution: A Treasurer’s Legacy Tech Escape Plan
Treasury Technology   16 Min Read

The phrase ‘legacy technology’ may invoke images of ancient and unstable IT systems that must be replaced as soon as possible. But is this always the case, and how easy is it to move away from such ...

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A Tale of Two Treasuries
Cash & Liquidity Management   16 Min Read

A Guide to Successful M&As Mergers and acquisitions are never guaranteed success at any stage of the process. For their part, treasurers will typically face the practicalities of integration and transition, this bringing its own set of challenges. What can be done...

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Beat Deadline Drama by Tackling the LIBOR Transition Today
Regulation & Standards   9 Min Read

The end date for LIBOR is just months away. For those treasurers who haven’t acted already, now is the time to identify LIBOR exposures, have a contingency plan for accidental oversights, and understand the different challenges presented by the new market risk-free...

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Pandemic Powerhouses
Treasury Strategy & Transformation   16 Min Read

TMI Corporate Recognition Award Winners 2020 In one of the toughest years for treasury in the past decade, treasury teams stepped up their innovation projects and rolled out digital best practices at speed. Here, we celebrate their successes. What a year 2020 was. As...

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Activate Your Liquidity to Manage Treasury Challenges in the New Normal
Treasury Technology   10 Min Read

The Kyriba Global Summit explored how financial technologies can support active treasury management, smarter payments, as well as fraud and risk concerns and active working capital management for corporates. Here are the key takeaways for treasurers. Kyriba Global...

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Navigating SWIFT gpi for Corporates at Naval: BNP Paribas and Kyriba Join Forces
Cash & Liquidity Management   8 Min Read

With innovative partnerships across the globe, Christophe Beuvard, Treasurer, Naval Group, knew that having full transparency over outgoing payments was vital for maintaining excellent supplier relationships. By working with BNP Paribas to implement SWIFT gpi for...

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TMS vs TMS: Let Battle Commence
Treasury Technology   33 Min Read

In many ways, Covid-19 has been the ultimate test for treasury teams and their technology. With the spotlight firmly on treasury management systems (TMSs), treasurers are asking whether they have the best tech for the job – in a remote-working environment where...

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Leveraging Technology to Climb Treasury Mountains
Treasury Technology   4 Min Read

Gaining global insight into and control over treasury operations is a pipe dream for many treasurers. But two of Kyriba’s clients – Royal FrieslandCampina and Ingersoll Rand – have leveraged the vendor’s cloud offering to transform their workflows to overcome...

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Raising the Bar: Corporate Recognition Awards
Cash & Liquidity Management   23 Min Read

By Eleanor Hill, Editor Year-on-year, the standard of entries to TMI’s Corporate Recognition Awards increases, taking the corporate treasury profession to new heights. The following overview of projects undertaken by corporates over the last 12 months provides a mere...

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