Treasury Technology
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Activate Your Liquidity to Manage Treasury Challenges in the New Normal

The Kyriba Global Summit explored how financial technologies can support active treasury management, smarter payments, as well as fraud and risk concerns and active working capital management for corporates. Here are the key takeaways for treasurers.

Kyriba Global Summit, the firm’s first digital and global event – hosted in November 2020 – provided an array of insights into current treasury and finance best practices. The event included 62 sessions in five languages, with input and case studies from executives at 25 corporations, all delivered to an audience of nearly 4,000 registered virtual delegates. Liquidity was naturally a cornerstone of many of the sessions.

Enterprise Liquidity Management in the spotlight

The focus on liquidity was established in the keynote presentation of the event, where Kyriba’s CEO Jean-Luc Robert reflected on 2020, and why the company believes Enterprise Liquidity Management is now a defining mission for corporations globally. “Every corporate should have the ability, in real time, to ‘see’, ‘move’, ‘protect’ and ‘optimise’ money,” Robert noted.

Jean Luc Robert, President & CEO Kyriba