39:2730 November 2022

What’s on the Horizon for Short-term Investments?

Daniel Farrell (Northern Trust Asset Management) and Karl Adams (ICD) consider how the latest MMF reform proposals affect short-term investments.

  • Daniel Farrell
    Director, International Short Duration Fixed Income, Northern Trust Asset Management

  • Karl Adams
    Senior Director, Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD)

37:1622 November 2022

Transitioning a Corporate from LIBOR to CME Term SOFR

Gavin Lee, Marco Bianchi (CME Group) and Jeff Diorio (PMC Treasury) discuss the opportunities CME Term SOFR creates for corporate treasurers.

  • Gavin Lee
    CEO, CME Group Benchmark Administration Limited

  • Marco Bianchi
    Executive Director – Client Development & Sales, CME Group

  • Jeff Diorio
    Managing Director, PMC Treasury

38:4015 November 2022

HSBC’s Sibos Spotlight – View from Sibos

Neil Atkinson, Nadine Lagarmitte, and Vinay Mendonca (HSBC) discuss the critical treasury topics and conversations highlighted at this year’s Sibos conference.

  • Neil Atkinson
    Global Head of Banks and Broker Dealers Client Management team, Securities Services within Platform Solutions for Markets and Securities Services, HSBC

  • Nadine Lagarmitte
    Managing Director, Global Head of Financial Institutions, Global Liquidity & Cash Management, HSBC

  • Vinay Mendonca
    Chief Growth Officer, Global Trade & Receivables Finance, HSBC

21:3228 October 2022

Critical Trends in Trade and Supply Chain Management

Isabel Santos, Ariel Emirian and Pierre-Antoine Barreault (Societe Generale) discuss critical developments in the trade space.

  • Isabel Santos
    Managing Director, Head of Financial Institutions - Trade Services, Societe Generale

  • Ariel Emirian
    Head of Macroeconomic and Country Risk Analysis, Societe Generale

  • Pierre-Antoine Barreault
    Global Head of Trade Finance for Commodities, Societe Generale