September 2021

The Path to Transformational Global Cash Visibility

Davina Bradley (CEVA Logistics) and Conor Deegan (CashAnalytics) join TMI to explore how treasurers can transform their cash visibility and forecasting.


August 2021 10 Min Read

Payments Tech: Delivering Strategic Advantage

The payments space has been put to the test over the past 18 months or so as businesses continue to face up to the challenges of the pandemic and intense commercial pressures. As new channels of operation and innovative technologies come on stream, Luc Belpaire,...


July 2021 1 Min Read

Covid-19 and Beyond: Convergence of a Healthcare Ecosystem

Digital transformation coupled with the emergence of HealthTech start-ups continues to drive rapid developments in the healthcare industry. The opportunity is vast, with total healthcare spend within the Asian corridor estimated to exceed USD4 trillion by 2024.[1] As...


July 2021 23:55

Why the ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach is Outdated – A Cash Segmentation Treasury Masterclass

With the ongoing low interest-rate environment and increasing regulatory change, it’s more important than ever for treasurers to think outside of the box when it comes to cash. In this podcast, TMI’s Ben Poole speaks to Daniel Farrell (Northern Trust Asset...


July 2021 5 Min Read

Why Treasurers Should be Thinking about the Circular Economy

Treasurers have so many responsibilities that it can be tough keeping up with wider shifts in the business world. One such trend is the move towards more sustainable business models – including the circular economy. This is not just a ‘nice to know about’ topic,...


June 2021 15:02

TIS EPO: Reimagining the World of Enterprise Payments

TMI’s Eleanor Hill was delighted to invite Joerg Wiemer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (TIS) to discuss the concept of Enterprise Payment Optimization (EPO), a reimagining of how organizations can achieve visibility around enterprise payments. With years...


June 2021 11 Min Read

TIS EPO: Reimagining the World of Enterprise Payments

Treasury Intelligence Solutions’ (TIS) Enterprise Payment Optimization (EPO) takes a vital process, removes its complexities, and improves visibility for every participant in the chain. Stating such a goal is simple. But, as TIS explains, delivering on such a...


May 2021 7 Min Read

Beyond Technology in Treasury: Leveraging Community Intelligence

Running an efficient, data-driven global treasury is not just a technology play: it’s also about leveraging “community intelligence” and group-wide collaboration. Sounds too involved? It’s easier than you think, says Nikolai Diekert, Director, Product...


May 2021 6 Min Read

Bridgestone Deploys Sustainable Supply Chain Finance with External Ratings

By linking pricing to independently verified sustainability criteria, treasurers can use supply chain finance (SCF) as a way to promote environmental, social and governance goals both internally and throughout their supplier networks. Here, Julle Pedersen, Treasury...


April 2021

6 Steps to Smart Treasury Success

As corporates continue to digitise, find out the impact will this have on the role of the treasurer, and how can they successfully adapt.


March 2021 9 Min Read

Come Together

Co-creation as a Source of Practical Innovation Treasurers are rightly wary of hype around innovation and new technologies, particularly ‘solutions looking for problems’. Co-creation between corporates and banks can help to avoid this pitfall by enabling treasurers...


March 2021 16 Min Read

Pandemic Powerhouses

TMI Corporate Recognition Award Winners 2020 In one of the toughest years for treasury in the past decade, treasury teams stepped up their innovation projects and rolled out digital best practices at speed. Here, we celebrate their successes. What a year 2020 was. As...